Why You Should Attend A CPHT Kent Hypnotherapy Training Open Evening Event

When looking for the hypnotherapy training that’s best for you, after checking out the website and reading the reviews the most logical step is to meet your hypnotherapy training lecturers at an open evening or open day event.

This gives you the chance to meet the people training you, check out your training environment and most importantly, get all your questioned answered so you can make the best choice for your hypnotherapy training.

CPHT Kent offer several open evening dates for our potential hypnotherapy students to come along, meet us and find out what makes CPHT the fastest growing hypnotherapy training provider in the UK.

We run CPHT Kent open evenings are at our Hypnotherapy Training venue – The Friars at Aylesford in Kent, because it means when you come along for your first weekend of training you’ll already be familiar with your surroundings.

We run them in the evening because our students, who are often career changers or returners, have found this is the easiest time for you to come along.

CPHT Kent Hypnotherapy Training open evening events are informal, in a Q & A style, because, we’ve found this style has given our hypnotherapy students the best opportunity to get the information you need to make the right decision for you.

What you can expect at one of our Hypnotherapy Training Open Evenings:

  • Meet both your lecturers
  • See your teaching room and the venue
  • Have access to more information about the course and your future career
  • An informal and welcoming environment
  • Ample opportunity to ask questions
  • Get expert and open responses about every aspect of your training and future career
  • Access to two successful practitioners who run busy practices and tell it like it is
  • Two very passionate people who want to help you make the right choice for you

What you won’t get at one of our hypnotherapy training open evenings

  • Hard Sell – that’s just icky and we don’t do icky.
  • Formal interviews – it isn’t a job interview and your life experience is probably the most important aspect of your skill as a future therapist. We want to meet the real you.
  • Boring presentations – because we want to deliver what you want to know about
  • Therapists who don’t practice, who don’t understand the real world of hypnotherapy today. Hypnotherapy is the fastest growing profession in the UK and we believe that no student should ever be taught by someone who doesn’t practice and understand what it takes to be a successful hypnotherapist.

What you’ll leave with at the end of a CPHT Kent hypnotherapy training open evening

  • Clarity – you’ll know if this is the course for you
  • Simple Next Steps – we give you everything you need and follow up with an email in case you don’t remember everything
  • Confidence – that you’ll be getting the most science based, practical training in hypnotherapy in the UK, delivered by successful and skilled lecturers and therapists.

We have already run one successful open evening and have students sign up because of it.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to really find out everything you need to know so you can make the right decision for you.  Our next hypnotherapy training open evenings are

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 – 6:00 to 8:30PM – To Attend the November open evening BOOK IN HERE 

Monday, December 4, 2017 – 6:00 to 8:30PM – To Attend the December open evening BOOK IN HERE

We look forward to welcoming you along

Gary and Ali

Stories from the casebook of Ali Hollands, CPHT Kent Lecturer

Stories from the casebook of Ali Hollands, CPHT Kent Lecturer

What’s it like to work as a solution focused hypnotherapist? You might already starting to think about what life after qualification might be like, after all your hypnotherapy training is finished and your portfolio signed off…when you are growing a hypnotherapy practice of your own.

Here Ali Hollands, who runs her own busy practice as well as lecturing for CPHT Kent, shares a couple of stories from her busy casebook about specific phobias, which is from one of the most common issues you will see once you’ve qualified as a solution focused hypnotherapist.  Just think, in just a few months, this could be you!

The Mouse Phobia Even I Was Intimidated By

‘Marie was a woman of around the same age as me; smart as a whip, funny and so down to earth. Then, when she told me in all seriousness (I knew she wasn’t joking, by the look on her face!), she would rather be dead than encounter a mouse, I knew I had my work cut out.

Marie’s phobia was inherited from her mother and she shared it with her sisters, who would, as siblings do, wind each other up over their shared terror…who needs family eh? She found mice disgusting, hated them with a passion and would find herself checking every dark looking speck on the floor or in cupboards to see if it was a mouse dropping; she knew she was being unreasonable.

The reason she had come to see me was because of the most recent episode, when she had moved out of her home for a whole week after seeing a mouse, had more than one pest control service in and now felt unsafe in her home, a place she normally loved.

After 3 sessions Marie said she had walked into the hardware shop to buy something, but had taken herself down the aisle with the pest control.  She said she had picked up a box and was able to look at the box without feeling faint, angry or disgusted…she even admitted that mice were possibly quite cute.  After the 4th session she was completely confident she would be able to cope with whatever mouse related incidents might come her way.

This phobia had even intimidated me, but I shouldn’t have been, even though I am still sometimes amazed and awed by how powerful hypnotherapy can be!’


The Flying Phobia That Stopped Planes On Runways & Cost £0000s In Lost Flights

‘The holiday of a lifetime with the person you love should be something to look forward to right?  The highlight of your year? Not for Andi.  Andi had suffered for many, many years with a phobia of flying that was so strong that she wouldn’t have checked baggage because she was never sure if she would actually make it off the runway, had stopped planes more than once to get off or deliberately missed them altogether.

Andi came to see me because she had got off another flight and lost £0000s on an unused ticket for a long haul, dream destination flight. Her girlfriend had taken the flight and was now in a far flung destination without her. She had booked tickets for the end of the following week and asked if I could do something with so little notice to get her on the flights.  Normally sessions are spread out over weekly appointments, but occasionally we need to speed up the process.  I promised I would throw everything at it and that we would do our best to get her on that plane!

We did some intense work, but mostly exactly as I normally would – reducing the stimulus to something that didn’t induce a phobic response and then replacing with how she really wanted to be on her flights from now on.

When I received the text from a far away place, just a few days later, I was so happy for Andi, she was with the person she loved, in an amazing place, having the time of her life and the flight (and connecting flight!) had been absolutely fine.

There have been other, wonderful, life enhancing phobia fixes that have meant someone able to go for walks in the country without fear of frogs, get up and speak to other businesses and tell their amazing story, drive their children to school and nursery so they can go back to work…the list goes on.’

For every phobia there is a person living less that their fullest and most enjoyable life.  Imagine if it was you that had set them free to really live again.  What would that be like for you?


Solution focused hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that combines the latest and most accurate findings in neuroscience and solution focused brief therapy, a forward looking and highly empowering form of brief therapy.  If you’d like to find out how you could become a solution focused hypnotherapist, take a look at our course dates and come along to an open evening, or just get in touch now.


New Year – New You – New Career 

Choose to Make A Difference

Hypnotherapy Training Venue Kent – The Friars in Aylesford

Hypnotherapy Training Venue Kent – The Friars in Aylesford


What’s in a venue?  You might think a venue is of minor importance when running a hypnotherapy training course, particularly in Kent, where there are so many venues on offer. However, at CPHT Kent, we know the value of the right environment to support your learning.

Your hypnotherapy training should be a real experience, one that you look back on as a real highlight experience and the start of a very exciting new phase of your life.  Which is why we aim to make it that way, not just with gold standard hypnotherapy training but with a beautiful, comfortable and well appointed venue in the heart of the Kent countryside.

We are delighted to have found the perfect place for this – The Friars, in Aylesford.  Not only do they have the friendliest people looking after you during your training course, but the grounds are magical, it’s got a low cost parking option (so rare in Kent!), two choices of places to get food on site and nearby road and rail links to the rest of Kent.

If you are not quite sure where The Friars is – you’ll find it just a just a short drive from Aylesford village; nearby villages and towns are Kings Hill, East Malling, West Malling, Allington and Maidstone itself.  There are many beautiful listed buildings in this ancient and peaceful place, which is set in magnificent grounds, perfect for a lunchtime walk or an outside lunch when the course moves into summer.

Having looked at so many training venues for the hypnotherapy course, all over Kent, we knew, as soon as we walked into The Friars and met with their wonderful staff, that this would be the place our students would enjoy and benefit from the most.

We look forward to welcoming you along to one of our open evenings and the upcoming hypnotherapy training course.  For more details on upcoming events and training, click on open-days-for-cpht-kent-hypnotherapy-training-courses. CPHT Kent really is the perfect place to change your career and to change your life.